Alley studied graphic design and photography at college before moving to New York City to pursue a role in the creative arts. After a successful career as a designer and executive leader for companies including Amazon and Google, she returned to her passion for photography. She delights in manipulating and bending light to her will, whether in studio or on location, and is adept at transforming constraints into opportunities.

A creative problem solver with an adventurous spirit, Alley enjoys partnering with her clients to understand their needs and discover unique solutions that create a meaningful connection between subject and audience. Her ability to capture emotion and personality through the lens of a camera results in evocative images that entice the viewer to think, react, and feel.

Alley is currently living in Seattle with her husband and two Alaskan Huskies (both former Iditarod racing dogs, now retired and sleeping on the couch). She maintains a presence in NYC and works world-wide.

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