Alley has been drawn to visual storytelling from a young age. As a child she wrote and illustrated her own short stories, and would "borrow" her father's camera to document the adventures of their pet cat as it roamed their suburban New Jersey neighborhood. She studied design and photography at college, and graduated with a degree in Visual Communication before moving to New York City to pursue a career in the creative arts. She is now based in Seattle and, following a rewarding and exhilarating career in tech, is focused on production stills and portrait photography for the performing arts industry.  

As a film stills photographer, she is fascinated with capturing key moments and documenting behind-the-scenes activity. She has on-set experience for several Seattle-based productions on top of studying at the Film Stills Academy with Nicola Dove. She is known for unobtrusively capturing the essence of a scene during filming, a calm and friendly demeanor, and an ability to read the room and adhere to proper on-set etiquette. 

Alley is also a passionate music lover and can often be found photographing in-studio performances and live music events for local radio station KEXP.

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